Monday, December 20, 2010

Historical Revisionism Needs To Focus On The Truth

By Karl Schwarz

In what might first appear a brave act of Historical Revisionism, Germany has endeavored to get the truth on the record regarding the saturation fire-bombing of Dresden Germany.

Or, did they?

They appointed a Historical Commission that purportedly had free license to dig into the matter as deep as they wished. As often happens when 'historical accounts' are looked into the 'Dresden matter' produced a much lower number of casualties and seems to have accomplished nothing but expand the debate.

Although reports have varied wildly about the number killed being anywhere from 35,000, to 100,000 and some statements as high as 500,000, it seems the math was wrong according to the (victimized) Germans that were involved in the Historical Commission investigation. Or, this could just as easily be zionist 'revisionist history' at work again.

The following is a quote from the October 2, 2008 issue of 'Der Spiegel':,1518,581992,00.html

"Dresden Commission of Historians for the Ascertainment of the Number of Victims of the Air Raids on the City of Dresden on 13/14 February 1945" has provisionally estimated the likely death-toll at around 18,000 and definitely no more than 25,000."

Now, this revelation brings up several interesting points.

First, what is the true casualty / death-toll of the fire-bombing of Dresden during World War II? It seems the true number is still an unknown and hotly contested figure, no pun intended.

Second, most people accept that the saturation incendiary bombing of a civilian population in the manner that was done was blatantly wrong. The war was almost over and snuffing out those lives was merely a show of air power, not a military necessity. The US and UK were putting on a 'shock and awe' demonstration for the advancing Russian army.

Yes, they killed a lot of innocent civilians to demonstrate to the Russians that their advancement to the west needed to halt. This Historical Commission says 18,000 to 25,000 and many other accounts state in the 100,000 to 250,000 to 500,000 range. Regardless of the actual figure, it was a war crime and should have never happened.

Third, not enough has been reported about the 1 to 1.5 million German POW soldiers that were literally starved to death or froze to death in the POW camps run by the US after the war ended. It happened but getting at the truth of the matter is difficult to do when so many wish to hide from the issue and the Truth.

There has been some written on that subject, up to and including how appalled the British were at US actions after the war. It seems the British were a little more caring and concerned about proper Hague and Geneva Convention conduct in post-war Germany. Just because an enemy has been defeated and surrendered, it is not a just cause to keep on killing them in inhumane ways as the US forces did to the German POW's after World War II ended. I have even read articles that the Russians were more compassionate in feeding and clothing the German POW's, than were the Americans.

I recently had breakfast with a German who was born in Dresden and survived the fire-bombing. He related to me the horrors of those two days but confessed that no one knows what the actual number of dead was from the fire-bombing of Dresden. It may be that only God knows the real number of dead, and the numbers still vary wildly from the 18,000 to 25,000 up to the much higher 250,000 to 500,000. He was there and thinks the figure was around 40,000 to 50,000 dead.

Which is the truth? That is still hard to ascertain.

The Dresden resident that survived the bombing continued to tell me a story that is not in the history books and was just as interesting to me. The Russian army reached Dresden before the Americans arrived. He reported that there were no problems whatsoever as the Russian army moved towards Berlin and to establish their western front. There was no battle or resistance from the German people.


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