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In 2006, North Korea exploded a plutonium based nuclear weapon, an unsuccessful test of either a  “found” nuke in poor repair, or something poorly designed.  America had predicted that they were at least five years from this capability, we always hear the same story, everyone is five years from having nuclear weapons.  On May 25th, 2009, North Korea exploded its second bomb, its first clearly identifiable nuclear weapon, a “Hiroshima sized” bomb, tiny by US standards.  What we didn’t say is that the signature of this bomb had been seen before.

An identical nuclear weapon, manufactured at the same facility, same design, same impurities,  had been exploded in September 22, 1979, in a test in the Indian Ocean conducted jointly by Israel and South Africa.  
When UN inspectors were asked to come to South Africa in 1990 to arrange to dismantle their nuclear weapons, ten bombs were admitted to having been built with one tested.  Today we claim six existed, none were tested and three never existed.  One of those three exploded in North Korea.  The mystery is, how did it get there?   Are American “broken arrow” nukes, recovered, sold and traded?  What “special country” might do this?

The cover story was that Pakistan through nuclear scientist,  Dr. A. Q. Khan, had supplied Korea with the required highly specialized centrifuges along with nuclear triggers and advanced missile technology.  Investigations have shown, however,  that the US had asked, or rather demanded, President Musharraf  “convince” Khan to confess to this and a seemingly endless series of nuclear proliferation violations from South Africa to Libya to Germany.  The deal was that Khan had to confess but would be immediately pardoned.  We have another mystery, who was the US covering for and why?  Who wanted it to seem like North Korea had a real nuclear program, who would profit by this?  What could be more comical than “Cardboard Lothario” Kim Jung-il, war mongering mastermind terrorizing the world from one of the most isolated and poverty stricken nations on earth.  I could carve a better “axis of evil” dictator out of a banana.

Who are the Cardboard Lotharios?  They are world leaders and conflict driven icons who simply don’t seem to fit.  We knew where Hitler came from, we understood Napoleon, Mussolini, even George W. Bush.  With a world bereft of “prime movers,” no major ideological struggles, no national races for dwindling resources, only multi-national corporations carving away the world, today’s chaos is purely manufactured and the cardboard cutout bad-boys aren’t even good actors.  Who invented Osama bin Laden, Bibi Netanyahu, Mullah Omar, Kim Jung-il, Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?  Do we add Hameed Karzai to the list?  How to people like Libya’s Muammar Gadaffi simply quit, get taken off the list and retire as though they had been to some sort of “terrorist mastermind rehab?”  Remember Muqtada al-Sadr, the Iraqi cleric whose Mahdi army was the caused mayhem in Iraq?  How can Gulbuddin Hekmatyar be number one on the world terror list and be asked by Americans to open negotiations with the Taliban at the same time?  Anyone smelling a rat?


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