Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prison Planet Forum Requires No Facts

Well, I thought I would venture into the well known Prison Planet forums this evening once I saw a poster saying Alex Jones' Y2K broadcast was a "War of the Worlds" type broadcast and of course, that Jones meant none of it. Here's the thread.

Now, it would seem asking for any kind of verification on this type of claim is not allowed on Alex Jones' Prison Planet forum.  Nor would their slanderous claims of Bill Cooper being a drunk which can be found in the same thread.  I advise everyone to hurry and click the link to thread as things over there seem to have a way of making their way down the memory hole so Jones&Co. can say it never happened.  It's not like these so called truthseekers have not done this numerous times before.  When is enough going to be enough?

This is the problem we face in the truth movement today.  We are not allowed to question anything even on so called "truth" forums.  We are not allowed to question Jones.  We are not allowed to question the Hollowcost..  The list of things we are allowed to question in this movement grow shorter by the day without some sort of "label" being applied to you.  Is this the reason this movement was started?  For the free thinking to be shunned and "banned" from certain places?  Or was it started to give us freedom and throw off the shackles of tyranny?  This movement is becoming exactly what we are fighting.  Wake up or you will be the sheep led to the slaughter by the Judas goat.

God Bless,

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